Delivering to the NH Lakes region to the maine seacoast

Landscaping Mulch, Loam & Erosion Control

We supply garden centers, landscaping companies and residential customers with the highest quality landscaping products, such as mulch, loam, and erosion control material.

Our mulch is produced from 100% forest products from the state of New Hampshire. There are no pallets or construction demolition wood used in our material. We pride ourselves in maintaining natural, colored bark mulch that is safe for your family, pets, and the environment. 

Our bark mulch helps to retain moisture in garden beds and plantings, suppress weed growth, and add an attractive element to landscapes. In addition to mulch, we carry quality loam  that has been screened and is ready to use! Our loam is nutrient-dense and will provide your lawn or garden beds with a strong foundation.

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Mulch, Erosion Control & Loam

All of our products are available in retail and wholesale quantities.
We deliver our mulch to locations throughout New Hampshire and Maine.

A mix of Pine and Spruce aged barks. This Dark Blend is an all-natural product with a rich, chocolate-brown appearance and an earthy aroma.

A blend of Hemlock, Pine and forest grindings with an all-natural color component added-  giving it a rich, dark, red look.

A mixture of cedar pine and softwood forest grindings. An all natural color component is added to give it a red/orange look.

An all natural mulch that is light brown color.

Wood grindings produced from stumps

100% Pine wood chips. This mulch is clean and has no bark. It has a nice natural, light look. This is a great product for play areas and school yards!

Quality loam will give you a strong foundation for an attractive and lush lawn or garden. Our nutrient-rich loam is screened and ready to use. 

A mixture of pine bark and forest wood products. It has a natural color-enhancement allowing the mulch to  hold it’s deep black color all year round!

Dark Pine Mulch 

Premium Hemlock Mulch

Black Mulch

Red Cedar Mulch

Premium Pine Mulch 

Erosion Control Grindings

Playground  Mulch


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Site Preparation Services

  • We offer our products in bulk trailer loads to New Hampshire's Lake Region to the Maine Seacoast.
  • We offer residential deliveries and large trailer loads.
  • We provide off-site grinding, as well as land clearing of brush, logs, and stumps
  • We create wood access roads
  • We provide Erosion Control mulch

A complete list of our services

Our company specializes in site preparation services. Our experienced, insured employees do professional work in land clearing and stump removal. We have the equipment for large scale commercial jobs, in addition to residential properties.

If you are looking to dispose of unwanted yard waste, Thomas E. Huckins LLC provides wood recycling services for brush, logs, and stumps.

Land Clearing, Stump Grinding & Wood Recycling

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